Toscana IGT 100% Sangiovese dall’Azienda Agricola Case Basse®

Vintage 2006

The wine has been labelled with a different name since the 2006 vintage. This was a commercial decision dictated by the awareness of the specific identity and uniqueness of our Sangiovese wine, an aspect widely recognised by our clients that comes from the typicity of the terroir, grape growing, winemaking and ageing.
The wine comes with a tech sheet. It is a scientific report drawn up by Prof. Massimo Vincenzini (Department of Microbiology, Florence University) and Prof. Luigi Odello (International Academy of Sensory Analysis), which is the result of studies in progress at Case Basse (including one on traceability carried out by Dr Rita Vignani) and summarises the main facts.

Scheda tecnica Toscana Sangiovese IGT 2006 Soldera

toscana sangiovese igt soldera 2006