The pleasure of drinking



Soldera wines are accompanied by the producer’s care right up to the moment they are drunk. This is the magical moment of truth in which the winery’s mission is accomplished: to offer excellent wines that are the unique and typical expression of their distinctive terroir, in order to guarantee their connoisseurs memorable experiences.

All of this is achieved if the express care taken during the production process, which terminates with bottle maturation, continues right up to when the bottle is put on the table, if the bottle and corks are ideal, the cases and transport protect the quality of the wine, the glasses are specially designed and the serving temperature is correct.

This is why Gianfranco Soldera offers all his clients useful suggestions for the best way to taste great wines.

The beautiful 75-cl Bordeaux bottles have structural features, like shoulders that are wider than the base, a deep punt and high neck, designed for optimum storage of the wine. The colour is very dark for added protection.

The quality of the 26/50 mm corks is particularly fine and they are selected manually to enable a perfect match with the inner neck of the bottle.

The cases are insulated with polystyrene to reduce temperature stress and they hold the bottles in a vertical position, also recommended for storage.

The glass, designed and produced specially for Soldera, is lead-free and the bowl is an ideal size and shape to enhance the wine’s aromas.

The recommended serving temperature is 17/18 degrees.

Uncorking the wine a little before tasting and keeping it in the bottle without decanting enables you to appreciate how it evolves over the next few hours.

A great wine can be paired with any great food.

Soldera wines are also famous for their pleasantness with the most varied dishes, even ones from other culinary traditions, as long as they are prepared by enhancing excellent raw materials with simplicity.