The International Soldera Case Basse award 2017 the new announcement

  • The INTERNATIONAL SOLDERA CASE BASSE AWARD aims to support young researchers all over the world who dedicate their studies to the Sangiovese variety grown in the Municipality of Montalcino and the monovarietal wines it produces. The Sangiovese grown in Montalcino is one of the highest expressions of the typicity and quality of Italian vinegrowing and winemaking, which is famous and esteemed in the national and international field, as are the monovarietal wines that are made from it. The Award aims to attract the attention of scholars in order to stimulate research and continual improvement in various subjects such as viticulture, cellar practices, the chemical-physical or sensory characteristics of wines, as well as subjects linked to management efficiency, sales competition, conquering new markets, communications and so on. Soldera Case Basse has always supported research following its own direction of valorising Nature, convinced that new and progressive goals towards excellence cannot be achieved without research. With this Award, the winery is reinforcing its role as incubator to stimulate and support young people to develop knowledge to the advantage of everyone who loves Sangiovese and its terroir wine.

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