During the event Terre di Toscana held at Lido di Camaiore on 8th and 9th March 2009, a meeting was held in homage to Giulio Gambelli, Master Taster and the greatest expert connoisseur of Sangiovese in the world, who took part in the event, headed by Ernesto Gentili (Wine Guide of L’Espresso magazine) and Fernando Pardini (Acquabona).

One of the wines presented was Brunello di Montalcino 2002 Riserva Soldera. A deep esteem and friendship binds Gianfranco Soldera to Giulio Gambelli, with whom, while smelling the aromas and tasting the wines from the various vintages undergoing ageing from the barrels at the Case Basse winery, he exchanges thoughts, sensations and glances that – without the need for words – express the mutual satisfaction for the results obtained. Carlo Macchi’s book, that you can find out more about in this section “News”, also talks about this, treating the personality of Giulio Gambelli, ” sublime nose” and great man, with great respect and affection.