MARIO FREGONI “Quality Viticulture – Treatise on Terroir Excellence”


Case Basse Soldera is pleased to announce the publication of the new treatise on viticulture by Professor Mario Fregoni, who we have had the honour of collaborating with for many years. The book, which we helped to create thanks to studies carried out at our winery, gathers together fundamental knowledge for excellence in vinegrowing.

During the Viticulture and Winemaking Conference and Exhibition (Padua, A. Luciani Congress Centre, 12th December 2013) the third edition of Quality Viticulture   Treatise on Terroir Excellence was presented by the author Mario Fregoni and by Professor Luigi Bavaresco, director of the CRA Viticoltura research centre in Conegliano (province of Treviso).
The book is aimed at students, technicians, vinegrowers and enthusiasts who would like to add to their training in wine grape growing of the quality and specificity typical of the genius loci or terroir. After a historic overview and some statistics about world viticulture, the treatise lays scientific and practical foundations concerning anatomy, ampelography, genetics, physiology, ecology, nursery industry, vineyard planting, pruning, mineral and water nutrition, soil management and harvest of wine, table and drying grapes.

The volume has been on the educational scene for over thirty years and is known both in Italy and abroad. In this edition, the content and photographic documentation (unique and unrivalled, rich in scientific innovations) have been added to and updated.

From 12th December 2013 the volume is available in bookshops.