With the patronage of the Chamber of Deputies the award ceremony for the 2013 edition of the “International Brunello di Montalcino Case Basse Soldera Award for Young Researchers” was held on 27th February 2014 at Montecitorio Palace in Rome.

Professor Mario Fregoni (Member of the French Academy of Agriculture and president of the award) focussed on the meaning and importance of the Soldera Award for young researchers and introduced the candidates, who then presented their relative studies: Dr Alberto Cigolini, Dr Salvatore Filippo Di Gennaro, Dr Claudia Ferretti, Dr Giuseppe Mazza, Dr Emanuela Pusceddu and Dr Yuri Romboli.

Then the debate on the papers presented started, with the intervention of the members of the commission (Professor Gianpaolo Andrich, professor of enology at the University of Pisa, Professor Luigi Bavaresco, director of CRA viticultural research centre in Conegliano, Professor Fausto Cantarelli, president of the Italian Alimentary Academy, Professor Mauro Cresti, professor of botany at Siena University, Giancarlo Spezia, engineer and expert in vineyard machinery, Professor Massimo Vincenzini, professor of microbiology at Florence University), the honorary committee (Professor Giorgio Calabrese, Dr Paolo Lucchesi, Professor Giampiero Maracchi, Professor Luigi Odello, Dr Roberto Salvioni and Dr Bruno Socillo) and the public.

The award ceremony commenced with the assignment of the diploma for first place to the winner Dr Di Gennaro (Institute of Biometeorology – IBIMET, National Research Council – CNR Florence, Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences University of Perugia) for his research entitled “Precision viticulture in response to Global Warming: an integrated system of drone remote sensing and proximal monitoring of the vineyard to describe the thermal dynamics of grape bunches in a study vineyard in Montalcino”.

The two medals that the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, wished to allocate as representation awards at the IV edition of the convention were presented to Dr Di Gennaro in first place and Dr Emanuela Pusceddu (Institute of Biometeorology – IBIMET, National Research Council – CNR Florence) in second place, for her research “Geographical traceability of wine through neutron quantification and identification of lanthanide atoms”.

The ceremony concluded with the rest of the candidates receiving diplomas of honour.

Summaries of the researches candidated to the Award are published in this section of the Italian edition of the web site.