With the patronage of the Chamber of Deputies and the acknowledgement of the President of the Italian Republic, the award ceremony of the “International Brunello di Montalcino Case Basse Soldera Award 2012 for Young Researchers” was held on 20th February 2013 at Montecitorio Palace in Rome.

During the introduction, we recalled the cruel and malicious event that recently took place at Case Basse, which led to the loss of 626 hl of future Brunello wine from six vintages undergoing ageing, from 2007 to 2012, and reiterated the Soldera family’s wish (even more intense than in the past) to continue to look after and develop their land, garden, vineyards and wines following the same principles as ever, also thanks to the extraordinary solidarity received from all over the world.

Professor Mario Fregoni (honorary president of OIV and president of the award) touched on the meaning and importance of the Soldera Award for young researchers and introduced the candidates, who presented their respective papers: Dr Jacopo Bigliazzi, Dr Federico Ciacci, Dr Valeria Contartese, Dr Salvatore Filippo Di Gennaro, Dr Paola Furlan, Dr Costanza Lari, Dr Mario Pagano, Dr Yuri Romboli, Dr Manuela Violoni.

Then the debate got under way on the subject of research in Italy and the papers presented, with the intervention of members of the commission (Professor F. Cantarelli, president of the Italian Alimentary Academy, Professor M. Cresti, professor of botany at Siena University, Professor Giancarlo Spezia, expert on vineyard mechanization, Professor Massimo Vincenzini, professor of microbiology at Florence University) and the honorary committee, consisting of Professor Luigi Bavaresco, Professor Giorgio Calabrese, Professor Giampiero Maracchi, Dr Roberto Salvioni and Dr Bruno Socillo, as well as the large audience.

The award ceremony commenced with the reading of the letter from the Secretary General of the office of the President of the Republic on behalf of Giorgio Napolitano, Head of State, who much appreciated the idea of the Award reserved for young researchers, assigning two celebratory medals to the joint winners: Dr Paola Furlan (CRA-ABP Research Centre for Agrobiology and Pedology – Florence) for her research entitled “Plant health strategy and sustainability in the terroir of Montalcino: quality and economic advantage” and Dr Salvatore Filippo Di Gennaro (Institute of Biometeorology – IBIMET National Research Council – CNR Florence) for his research entitled “Drone remote sensing to support the assessment of the impact of the explosion of the grape bunch on the anthocyanic component of grapes in different areas of vigour in Montalcino”.

The winners also received a “joint first prize diploma”, whereas the other candidates received a “scientific merit diploma”.

Summaries of the studies applied to the Award are published in this section of the Italian edition of the web site.