In the prestigious setting of Montecitorio Palace, in Rome, the award ceremony for the 2015 edition of the “International Brunello di Montalcino Case Basse Soldera Award for Young Researchers” was held in the atmospheric Sala della Regina, on 24th February 2016.

Professor Mario Fregoni (Member of the French Academy of Agriculture and president of the award) introduced the ceremony by underlining the value of the studies carried out in this edition of the Award, while Gianfranco Soldera reiterated the mission of Case Basse as an incubator for research and innovation for natural and excellent vinegrowing and winemaking.

The studies were presented by the candidates: Dr Andrea Bariselli with Dr Luca Pipperi; Dr Diletta Berta with Dr Yuri Romboli; Dr Martina Cerretelli; Dr Marica Gasparro; Dr Luisa Leolini with Dr Lorenzo Brilli and with  Dr Salvatore Filippo Di Gennaro; Dr Simone Maifredi with Dr Ida Bellini; Dr Emanuela Pusceddu; Dr Yuri Romboli with Dr Diletta Berta; Dr Veronica Volpi.

In front of a numerous and illustrious public, the members of the commission (Professor Gianpaolo Andrich, professor of Food Technology at the University of Pisa, Professor Luigi Bavaresco, lecturer in Viticulture DI.PRO.VES at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Piacenza, Professor Mauro Cresti, professor of Botany at Siena University, Professor Luigi Odello, Tasters’ Study Centre – Brescia, Giancarlo Spezia, engineer and expert in vineyard machinery, Professor Massimo Vincenzini, professor of Microbiology at Florence University) and the honorary committee (Professor Giorgio Calabrese, Professor F. Cantarelli, Dr Paolo Lucchesi, Professor Giampiero Maracchi, Dr Roberto Salvioni and Dr Bruno Socillo) intervened and commented on the research papers.

The award ceremony began with the presentation of the diploma for first place to the winning co-authors Dr Andrea Bariselli and Dr Luca Pipperi (Tasters’ Study Centre – Brescia), for their paper entitled “Neuroscience and wine quality: biometric analysis of sensory perception when tasting red wine.”

The ceremony concluded with Dr Marica Gasparro (CREA Turi Bari) receiving her diploma of scientific excellence for second place, with her research “The Sangiovese origin: from Southern Italy to Montalcino and over…” and the rest of the candidates receiving diplomas of merit for research.

Finally, the scientific institutions that coordinated the researches were presented with certificates of merit.