Italy, September-October, 2008


“Il Chianti e le terre del vino” 

Professor Giuseppe Surico and Professor Laura Mugnai

At the 6th International Convention on vine trunk diseases, with special reference to “Esca”, held in Florence in September 2008, about 120 researchers from 18 different countries took part and two visits were made to wineries in Montalcino that collaborate on this subject with Florence University: the Col d’Orcia estate and the Case Basse Soldera winery. Here, where studies on vine diseases with Professor Surico and his collaborators have been underway for some years, participants of the convention made a technical inspection of the vineyard, visited the botanical garden in order to appreciate the ecosystem of the winery and tasted some wines undergoing ageing straight from barrels in the cellar.

In these two days of science in the Great Hall of the rectorate of Florence, two different topics were tackled: the history of the “Esca” disease, terminology, work on the diagnosis of the fungi responsible for the disease, ways of fighting it in the nursery and in the field. On this subject, three essential points were highlighted: to lower the quantity of the Esca fungi disease, reduce the possibility of transmission of the disease in the field by means of suitable preventive measures, deal with the diseased plants in order to reduce any possible economic damage to a minimum.