Montalcino, 25th October, 2013


Every year the harvest and vinification bring together all the emotion of working in the vineyard. Every year the fruit of our passionate work enters the cellar; and in 2013 it was a very special entry. The continuity and the view to the future that we wanted to reiterate after the damage, have become reality. What was salvaged of the 2007 to 2012 vintages is ageing, the 2013 is in vinification. With an intensity of work and emotion we have never experienced before, we took care of our vines throughout a very difficult period of potentially dangerous weather up to July. The climate is a determining factor for results, a factor that we have always monitored carefully and predictively. Thanks to our terroir and microclimate, our commitment and dedication, we are pleased to have obtained ripe, healthy grapes. The good weather in August and September gave us green, lush leaves, which are the origin of rich substances in bunches. So, before the heavy rain began, we harvested from 2nd to 4th October, in the sunshine, with mild temperatures and without humidity. With the special destemming machine, careful selection of firstly the bunches and then the berries, we were able to put only perfect grapes into the vats. Natural vinification is progressing gradually and harmoniously. The musts have rich aromas and are vigorous on the palate: the best omen for another Soldera vintage of excellence. This is a joyous moment for us and we would like to share it with you and thank, once more, all of those who have shown us their support in the last year. We are attaching some photos to illustrate what we have written.

Photos (author Daniele Cavadini – all rights reserved):
– the vineyards and the studies (Dr. Genesio – Dr.Bordoni, Prof. Fregoni, Prof.Vincenzini)
– bunch selection, destemming and berry selection
– the must and pumping over