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100% Sangiovese
from the Case Basse®


The passion for the production of great wines that are the unique and typical expression of their terroir: this is the source of inspiration for Graziella and Gianfranco Soldera, who discovered the charm of Case Basse and enhanced its ecosystem in order to guarantee the ideal environment for natural vinegrowing. For over 40 years, this passion has turned into steadfast work to produce and share wines that give memorable emotions.
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There are many factors that contribute to making Case Basse an extraordinarily suitable place for growing vines: altitude, exposure, soil, microclimate and biodiversity. Every stage of production is done respecting Nature, both in the vineyard and the cellar. The cultivation of the vines is manual and the winemaking is natural. The ten hectares of Sangiovese are surrounded by eight hectares of woods and two hectares of botanical gardens.
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In order to enhance Nature, first of all we need to understand it. Its processes are very complex and variable and always confirm its perfection. The many studies carried out at the winery, which has become an incubator in support of young people and innovation, are inspired by knowledge, respect and commitment towards Nature.
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Sangiovese 100% Case Basse


The special combination of Passion, Nature and Research leads each vintage to become a great terroir wine. The Soldera 100% Sangiovese is produced with selected grapes, grown and picked by hand in our own vineyards and fermented naturally in Slavonian oak vats. After ageing for even 5 years in large barrels of the same oak, it is presented to connoisseurs all over the world with about 15,000 bottles.

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