The care taken in the production of Soldera wines doesn’t end until the wine is put on the table: that is the moment of truth, when the winery’s mission is accomplished.

Guaranteeing discerning clients an exclusive and memorable experience

Gianfranco Soldera studied and closely followed every detail that could contribute to creating this experience: from production, right through to when the bottle is put on the table, paying attention to the choice of bottle, cork, packing box and the most suitable transport method for protecting wine quality.

Even the glasses are specially designed.

The experience of tasting a great wine.

The bottle

The beautiful 75-cl Bordeaux bottles have a deep punt, long neck and weigh twice as much as more common bottles (750g compared to 300/350g). The inside of the neck guarantees an optimum ratio between the volume of the neck to be filled and the weight of the closure. These structural features have been designed to store the wine in the best way possible. The very dark colour is also important for protecting the wine from light.

The appearance of the bottles has also been taken into consideration: Graziella Soldera wanted the shoulders to be wider than the base, to recall the silhouette of a ballerina.

The cork

The winery has chosen closures made of cork, 26/50 mm, very high quality and carefully selected and checked to ensure a perfect fit inside the bottle neck.

Why polystyrene packaging

How can we protect our bottles from impacts and temperature changes during transport? What are the best materials in terms of strength? How to reconcile these requirements with environmental sustainability?

We have chosen a cardboard casing with a polystyrene core, the result of a long research process.

Polystyrene may seem a material that contrasts the philosophy of attention to nature that has always distinguished our work. But actually, it is far greener than you may think in terms of both production and disposal and recycling. It is light, elastic and strong. And, when recycled correctly as plastic, it can virtually live forever.

The glass

The Soldera glass, specifically designed and produced for the winery, is made with lead-free glass and the bowl is the ideal shape and size for enhancing the wine’s aromas.

Drinking suggestions

The recommended temperature for serving Soldera wine is between 17 and 18 degrees centigrade.

Another tip before tasting a bottle of Soldera wine is to leave it in the bottle without decanting and appreciate how it evolves over the next few hours.

If it is a recent vintage, just open the wine shortly before tasting it.

A great wine goes with any great food, without limits.

Soldera wines draw their uniqueness from the history they are an integral part of, from the vine rows right through to the bottle.

Exceptional raw materials, a favourable environment and care and attention are the ingredients for an extraordinary wine that can be paired with any food made along the same lines and with the same respect.