Vini Soldera per annata



Il y a plus de philosophie dans une bouteille de vin que dans tous les livres. - L. Pasteur

A list of Soldera wines by vintage and labels

Soldera Case Basse boasts a very limited and exclusive production, which is the result of passionate work aimed at creating a great wine through completely natural winegrowing processes.

Below is a list of wines and the relative Soldera labels through the years.

Labels designed by artists to celebrate an exclusive wine

Over the years, Gianfranco and Graziella Soldera approached internationally-famous artists to design labels that reflect the elegance, balance and classic style of the wines they illustrate.

Toscana IGP 100% Sangiovese Soldera Case Basse

Since 2013 (with the 2006 wine) the winery has labelled its products as Toscana IGT/IGP Soldera Case Basse 100% Sangiovese.

Below are the details of the latest vintage on sale, as well as the vintages that have marked important stages for the winery


Brunello di Montalcino Soldera DOCG

In 1982 the first Brunello Soldera was sold (the 1977 vintage).

Brunello was produced until 2006, including a “Riserva” in some years.

Brunello 2004

Soldera Pegasos

100% Sangiovese IGT

The unusual weather trend in 2005 saw a barrel of wine mature after about three years. This wine was labelled “Pegasos”, a name inspired by the symbol of the winged horse that had already appeared on labels of lesser-aged Soldera wines in previous vintages.

Pegasos 2005

Soldera Intistieti
(table wine)

Intistieti is a wine produced between 1985 and 1992, only with grapes from the winery (100% Sangiovese) and according to the usual processes, but with shorter barrel ageing. On the Intistieti label, the winged horse was designed by Piero Leddi, as well as other artists: Bodini, Sughi and Trubbiani.

Rosso di Montalcino Soldera (DOC)

A red wine made from grapes grown in the Brunello Soldera vineyards
(table wine)

It was the first wine produced at Soldera Case Basse, from 1975 to 1979.

*The names Soldera, Case Basse, Intistieti, Pegasos – as well as the respective logos, label designs and distinctive graphic elements – are registered trademarks of Società Agricola Case Basse di Gianfranco Soldera. All rights reserved.