Soldera Case Basse has always supported research according to its own distinctive inclination towards enhancing nature, with the conviction that new and progressive goals towards excellence cannot be achieved without study.

In 2010 Gianfranco and Graziella Soldera set up the International Soldera Case Basse Award for Young Researchers, with the invaluable contribution of Professor Mario Fregoni. It was the consequence of a production philosophy that sees studies and the application of non-invasive advanced techniques as the key to creating a natural, authentic viticulture able to produce great quality wine.

In its first ten years, the Soldera Case Basse Award received 83 research papers from 74 candidates at 22 scientific institutions, assigning first prize to 15 researchers.

After ten years, the winery’s commitment has doubled. On the one hand, by following the direct promotion of research and young people at Case Basse.

On the other hand, by relaunching the Award thanks to a collaboration with the prestigious Accademia dei Georgofili in order to enhance its international and scientific vocation.

The Accademia dei Georgofili, with its 268 years of history, has become a reference point in our country and all over the world, contributing to the progress of science and its application to agriculture, protecting the environment and farmland and the development of the rural world.


To be allowed to take part, young authors must have published a scientific paper, in an indexed magazine, whose subject is Vitis vinifera varieties and wines that have a distinctiveness and a specific link with the production terroir.

There are three prizes within the Award, one for each of the following general themes and including various disciplines:

  • viticulture
  • enology
  • wine marketing and supply chain


With this new partnership, Case Basse has strengthened its role in stimulating and supporting young people to develop knowledge to the advantage of a very important economic sector for many great winemaking countries.