The company SOCIETA’ AGRICOLA CASE BASSE DI GIANFRANCO SOLDERA S.R.L., with registered office in Loc. Case Basse, 53024, Montalcino (Siena), Italy (hereinafter simply referred to as “Soldera”) welcomes you and hereby communicates the general terms and conditions regulating your access, browsing and your general utilization of the present Site (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”).

By using this website, you warrant that you are 18 or older and that you can legitimately drink and/or purchase wine in your country of residence. Soldera does not warrant that this website is free of errors, viruses or other harmful content.

  1. Ownership of the Site

The URL https://www.soldera.it is a registered domain name (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) belonging to Soldera, as well as all trademarks related with the products showed in the Site are registered by Soldera.

  1. Terms and Conditions

By accessing the pages of the present Site, you declare to accept the following Terms and Conditions. Otherwise, we invite you to leave and not to use this Site.

Soldera is entitled at any time to amend these General Terms and Conditions. By accessing and browsing the Site you are bound by these amendments and you are therefore required to check this page periodically to review the contents of the Terms and Conditions to which you are bound.

  1. Content of the Site

Soldera declines any liability pertaining to the quality and the accuracy of the information provided to the users through its own Site included, but not limited to, news, search results and comments.

By accessing this Site you acknowledge to autonomously use the information provided therein and to endorse any liability for direct, special, indirect, accidental or consequential losses arising to Soldera, as well as to any third parties, and deriving from the wrongful and/or unlawful use of the information included in this Site. Consequently, you agree to keep Soldera safe and harmless from any possible claim deriving from and related to your wrongful and/or unlawful use of the content of the Site.

Soldera reserves the right, without being obliged, to improve, modify or make amendments of mistakes or omissions at any time and without prior notice.

  1. Use of the content of the Site by the user

The use of the Site and of its content is allowed only for personal purposes and not for commercial ones.

All the information and the contents of the Site are protected by copyright and other IP rights and, unless otherwise stated, any reproduction, transfer, distribution as well as the memorisation of the content of the Site pages, either wholly or in part, in any form, shall not be allowed without the prior written authorisation of Soldera. The authorisation shall be requested in writing via e-mail and considered accepted only upon Soldera written specific consent. Should the answer not be given, the authorisation shall be deemed to have been denied.

Downloading and printing the content of the Site is allowed exclusively for personal purposes and not for commercial ones. The use of press releases and/or other documents classified as public is allowed within the context of communicating with the public, provided that the information’s source is quoted.

In no event the user may alter, change, modify or adapt either the Site, or the material provided by Soldera.

The use of the Site for any unauthorised purpose shall imply both civil and criminal liability. Should anyone violate the above provisions, he will be prosecuted through all the possible means.

  1. Damages to the user

Soldera does not warrant that the Site pages are free from interruptions or mistakes.

Soldera reserves, at any time, the right to review said pages or to revoke the access to them.

No warranty of any kind, express or tacit, including warranty against eviction, for faults and for the good functioning, shall be granted in relation with the availability, preciseness, reliability or the content of the pages contained in the Site.

Soldera shall also not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental damage, as well as for any loss of profits or interruption of commercial activity, deriving from the use of the Site, for the loss of programs or other data located in your computer system, even if Soldera has been informed of the potential occurrence of the above mentioned damages.

Should the Law of certain States not allow the limitation of liability in respect of specific warranties or disclaimers on responsability, Soldera’s liability shall be limited to the widest extent allowed by the applicable Law.

  1. Hipertext links

In order to ease the access, Soldera may include links to any other Internet websites belonging to third parties, as well as activated by third parties.

In case you access these websites, you shall read and accept the rules regulating their use before using them.

You acknowledge and accept that Soldera does not have any control over the content of such websites and shall not assume any liability in relation to the material created by or published on the websites hereof.

Further, the linking to a website different from the URL  https://www.soldera.it shall not imply Soldera’s approval in relation to that website, as well as in relation to any products or services contained in the website itself.

  1. User’s content in the Site

By introducing material in our servers, for instance, through e-mail, or through the Site pages, you declare and warrant the following:

  1. a) No illegal or otherwise unsuitable data for publication is contained in such material;
  2. b) You shall reasonably compel yourself to verify and remove any virus as well as any other contaminative or destructive element before introducing any material;
  3. c) You shall refrain from suing Soldera in relation to the material you have introduced;
  4. d) You shall indemnify Soldera in the event that a third party sues Soldera in relation to the material introduced by you on the Site;
  5. e) You shall grant Soldera with a worldwide, free and not exclusive licence in relation to the material you introduce in the Site, so that Soldera may use it for any purpose, including, its reproduction, disclosure, as well as its transformation for the possible realisation of derivative works.

Soldera does not have and cannot control the content introduced by the users in its Site and it is not responsible for its content. Soldera, at any time, and at his own discretion, is entitled to remove the content introduced by the users.

  1. Intellectual Properties Rights

The names of the products offered in this Site, together with all the pictures, the images and the corporate distinctive marks are either unregistered or registered trademarks belonging to Soldera.

Your access to this Site shall not be presumptively intended, by way of an exception or differently, as implying any concession of license or right of using the pictures, the images and the trademarks which appear on the Site, except with the prior written consent of Soldera or any third parties owners of other trademarks.

  1. Further limitations

The link to the home page of the Site by third parties (so called “surface linking”) or to other pages (so called “deep linking”) is not allowed, without the prior authorisation from Soldera.

In no case the “framing” of the Site or portions of the same by third parties is allowed, nor the use of any other means which would induce you to believe that the content of the Site is attributable to third parties. It is also prohibited any inclusion of portions of the Site in third party sites, stranger to Soldera.

  1. Breach of the Terms and Conditions

You shall be held directly responsible for any damage resulting from the violation of these Terms and Conditions and you agree to hold harmless Soldera from any damage, costs and expenses resulting from the failure to observe them.

  1. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The use of the Site is governed by the applicable Italian law. For any dispute, the Court of Milan shall have jurisdiction on an exclusive basis.