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The Toscana IGT Soldera 100% Sangiovese dalla Società
Agricola Case Basse®
is a wine produced exclusively
with grapes grown and hand-picked in the winery’s vineyards.

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The winery

Case Basse is an estate covering over 23 hectares,
at 320 metres above sea level, in southwestern Montalcino,
the vinegrowing area par excellence for Sangiovese.
The history of the Soldera Case Basse® winery began
at the start of the 1970s.

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Natural Winemaking

Natural winegrowing at Case Basse is carried out within
a varied and complex ecosystem, where the work is done
completely by hand, from the vineyard to the cellar.
The result is a very high-quality natural wine.

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At Soldera Case Basse® winegrowing is supported by studies
and research and the application of new technology,
but in full respect of natural rhythms and processes.

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