Studies and research

supporting completely natural vinegrowing and winemaking

At Soldera Case Basse® vinegrowing and winemaking are natural processes and supported by studies and research which enable the winery to produce a very high-quality natural wine.

SIS: Soldera Intelligent System

The Case Basse winery has an integrated monitoring system which uses advanced technology (IoT and Big Data) to enable it to follow the whole production process: work done on the soil, control of weather conditions and the state of plants and grapes, up to must fermentation and monitoring the wine until it is bottled. All of this is done thanks to sensors placed between vine rows, in the soil and barrels, which transmit data to the SIS (Soldera Intelligent System), a server that can also be consulted remotely, where it is recorded for the winery’s use, but also available to researchers all over the world. The aim of the project is to integrate the main principles of natural vinegrowing and winemaking with new technology.

Past, present and future all come together at Case Basse and the result is the excellence of a unique wine, made without artificially modifying the natural processes of vinegrowing and winemaking.

Soldera Case Basse®’s contribution to scientific research

The faculty of Microbiology at Florence University is one of Soldera’s scientific partners and is in charge of analyses that constantly monitor the condition of grapes as harvest time approaches, as well as the winemaking stages and ageing. The way the wine behaves is followed through every stage right up to bottling.

To continue with (and as a consequence of) the commitment to scientific and technological research, the “Soldera Case Basse® Award for Young Researchers” was set up in 2010.

Research agreements

In line with its production philosophy, Soldera Case Basse® hosts various studies aimed at improving on natural vinegrowing and winemaking through studies and the application of avant-garde technology.

Here is a list of the current agreements:

  • Evolution of microflora of enological interest in vinification – Prof. M. Vincenzini, Florence University
  • Climatic change and water stress of the vine – Prof. M. Fregoni, Honorary President of OIV
  • Vine diseases – Prof. G. Surico, Florence University
  • Acarofauna and biodiversity – Prof. S. Simoni, CREA Florence
  • Project on molecular traceability – Dr R. Vignani, Siena University
  • Studies on sensory analysis – Prof. L. Odello, IASA – Centro Studi Assaggiatori Brescia.
  • Vine entomology – Prof. Bruno Bagnoli
  • Geographical traceability of wine through neutron quantification and identification of lanthanide atoms – Dr Emanuela Pusceddu et al.
  • Soil studies – Prof. Edoardo Antonio Costantini, CREA Florence

Conferences and study days

Soldera Case Basse® hosts conferences and study days devoted to themes close to the winery’s heart, focussing on the Sangiovese variety and inspired by their fundamental guiding principles.

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